Monday, 1 April 2013

100 Press Ups

Yep, 100 of them. Done in 10 x 10. The last twenty were very unpleasant. I'm not sure how I'll cope with lifting saucepans when cooking dinner.

The reason for this was what with waiting for the Autoglass man, and then having to taxi the kid about, I will not be able to get out for a run today. I had no solid plans, anyway, just hopes of enough time to get a solid session in, so I have done a ton of press ups, and quad and glute strengthening exercises. I am counting this as this week's rest day.

Tomorrow will be not just a single, not just a double, but a triple sporting day.
I will be working in Turriff for a few hours, and that's where the triathlon is, so I'm going to go to the pool there before work. At least if it's not a totally unknown place, that should help with the nerves.
Then I will go to work for a few hours, then come home, and do a run and bike brick session.

I have also just ordered a wetsuit. It's going to be a bit small, so I will have to get back to my happy weight for it to not be a huge waste of money.

I don't really like yellow, but it was cheap, and now I have everything I will need for the outdoor tris. I may want different shorts, etc, but those are optional, the ones I have would do. 

And finally, I have lost 1.9 lbs. This is annoying, as I always round the decimal down, and just 0.1 of a pound more and I'd have lost 2lbs this week. I have documented it as a 1lb loss, so I am aiming for 3lbs next week.


  1. Remember to work on your turns at Turriff. Get used to the shorter pool, and possibly arriving at the end on the wrong hand!

    Also worth a quick recce of the back door (opposite end of the pool from the showers and goes out into the car park, where you can leave your shoes and the steps down and under the bridge to the sports center where the bike transition will be.

    1. I did indeed have a poke about, and man, that's a tiny car park! With all the bikes and cars it's going to be a squeeze!