Thursday, 25 April 2013

Bootcamp - Day 4

Today was all about getting stuff done. Getting miles done. Getting work loose ends sorted. Getting 100 press-ups done, which I did in 10 sets of 10, and as I was working in an office alone, many were done there. Other people get cigarette breaks. Press-up brakes are just if not more valid.

My wrist band came :) The next one I order will say 'Prepare for glory!' on the back.

I didn't start work until lunchtime, and so ran 9 miles beforehand. I have felt out of the running grove this week, but with 8 miles a couple of days ago and 3 the day after the tri, it's building up again nicely.
I'm beginning to feel some marathon fear. It's a long way. Eek.


  1. Break it down, you can do 100 pressups in sets of 10 so you can do a marathon in sets of 10k, only its 4 of them, and you KNOW you can do a 10k, you just have to trust your body's instinct that it can do 10ks all day long! That's where the success is. Run 10k at a pace you would feel is just shy of jogging, and then add another, and another. You're not doing it for a PB, as it is going to BE your PB. You are doing it to feel out the ironman, to educate your entire mindset and body that with training and self belief and a clear strategy, EVERYTHING is possible! x

    1. Thanks :) Those are very wise words, and yes, this will BE my PB no matter what. I have to remember that! And it's just the first, there will be others and I'll know what I'm dealing with and can think about speed then :D