Thursday, 11 April 2013

Rest. For Sure.

Yesterday was pretty crapola.

I needed a light training day. The swim was all I managed, and  had intended to spend the afternoon cleaning the house and getting some sewing orders done, as I am working all weekend, but the most I could do was lay on the sofa and watch a DVD of Sherlock, season 2, accompanied by a pounding headache.
I don't get them often. I feel like the world should stop when I get a headache.

I was in bed by 9pm, full of spinach smoothie and a fizzy Berroca thingy. And then a red smoothie as I bought raspberries, so had a load of them blended into hazelnut milk.
I also massaged a load of almond oil into my legs, and rollered them.
I hoped all that would make me feel normal again when I woke up.

It didn't. I woke up at 5.30 with a headache, and went back to sleep for an hour and half, and have spent the day in a hot conference room, staring at an eye splitting powerpoint presentation, and it's made me feel sick and weird.

I had intended a little run today, but will just have a bath and another early night, as it's long run day tomorrow. I have eaten super healthily today. 10 portions of fruit and veg. Yeah.
I'm sure I'll feel fine soon.

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