Monday, 8 April 2013

Dang And Blast

I have ordered a tri suit.

I could cope if it was just swimming in the other one, but I'm sure by the time the bike finished my legs would have been purple with lack of circulation, let alone the run. Plus, this one I have ordered would be good for everyday pool swimming, and I could use another swimsuit, so this lovely thing should be here soon. It's not an expensive one, but got very good reviews in the triathlon magazine. Kevin offered to lend me one of his, but I was worried I'd split a seam with my hefty behind!

So this morning I got up at 5.30, which was a bit easier as I woke up naturally about 5.15, and went for a run. I decided to take it easy as it's only two days ago that I hurt my knee. Everything was fine for about 6 miles, I took it slow, and nothing hurt. Then all of a sudden OW! I was three miles away from home, and as I was limping downhill, I noticed it eased, as I was moving a bit faster. So I decided to be super tough and just run a lot faster. It almost immediately felt better, only hurting again when I ran slowly uphill.
So it seems slow plodding is causing problems, and faster, better technique with more spring running is fine.
You can see from my Garmin link the negative splits. I should probably train like that more often.
Felt rather happy to manage nearly 9 miles after all that.

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