Saturday, 20 April 2013


First up, awesome fundies came in the post, from a very dear friend! They truly are AWESOME!

Secondly, tomorrow is my first triathlon. I have just realised how scared I am. I am not going with anyone, so have no one to prattle on nervously at on the way there. I will take lots of pictures, so if you know me and you're going to be there (hello, Kevin and George) expect me to take your pic. And stand about looking lost and scared.

Thirdly, I have been planning my 300 bootcamp week.

I have late starts all week, but I'm still going to get up at 6am. Here is the plan-

I will write '3' on my hand. I will lose 3lbs.
I will eat 8 portions of fruit and veg a day, and 2 litres of water, and 60g of protein
Over the course of the week I will do 300 press ups, 300 sit ups, and 300 squats, 3x3 mins of lifting heavy, wall sits and planking.
I will weigh in and take measurements on Monday, 22nd, and again on Monday, 29th
I will shout 'This is Sparta' every time I do something good.

Of course, on top of this I will be doing normal running, swimming and biking.

I went swimming today. It's actually not bad on a Saturday as they have the lanes swimming only section, but there were a few people who couldn't handle the whole going anti-clockwise thing. I was also chuffed as I started out in the slow area, but kept catching up with people, so went into the medium bit. There was a bloke who was quite fast, and I could feel him catching up with me every third length, so I would wait at the end of every second and let him go ahead. I only did 35 minutes, because of tomorrow. Not that I think anything's going to make much difference!

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