Friday, 12 April 2013

Oh, Poop.

Same as last week. A mile short.
I did 19 miles, and as that was where my house was, and my legs were so hurty, I just went in, rather than do a final little one mile loop.

The negatives

1) Didn't complete the distance I wanted to do.

2) It was very slow, and got even slower towards the end.

However, there are some positives!

1) I did nearly 840 foot of elevation. Edinburgh has more downhill than up, so my training (hill wise) is harder than the event.

2) My MP3 player ran out at 15 miles, so when I was beginning to really feel tired, I had to listen to myself breathing. And it wasn't that bad. Seeing as there'll be no music on my head in the marathon, doesn't hurt me to get used to silent running.

3) Knee was ok. A couple of tiny twinges, but the support felt very solid, and I varied what side of the road I ran on, as on single tracks, both side slope down, so I gave my legs equal goes at being higher than each other.

4) My nutrition worked well. I had a gel every hour. I like the SIS ones, they are not thick, and they say 3 an hour on the packet, but that would mean £3.60 an hour! I may well have an extra gel or two on the day, but can't afford it in training.
The best part is I don't dread taking them. I was actually watching the time for when I'd be allowed another one.

 5) After my long run two weeks ago, I felt sick, tried and awful for the rest of the day. Last week, I felt more human after a bath, and ok to do a bit of sewing in the afternoon. Today, pretty much ok. Can eat fine, had a protein shake and some cereal when I came in, and after my bath, did some hoovering and such. I won't be running up stairs with gay abandon for the rest of the day, but in general, feelin' dandy.

6) It's 2 more miles than I managed last week.

7) I used Bodyglide stuff under the band of my bra, as I've been getting horrible sore rubbed bits of grazed skin that make me scream in the bath/shower afterwards. Vaseline didn't work last week. Bodyglide worked this week. No screaming. Hurrah.


  1. One an hour is plenty on the gels. And Edinburgh has lucozade sport orange as well, but not as often as their pre-race map said it would be.

  2. You are SOOOOOOOO doing this, your determination is second to none!

  3. Thanks Taff :)

    And I did feel fine on one an hour, and on the day it'll be great not having to carry drinks and everything in a waist pack. :)