Saturday, 27 April 2013

Bootcamp - Day 6


And yet, when I got home, and the camber sloped to the left, I still took my right foot out, like I usually do,  but there was no point in it as gravity was too strong. I realised as I was falling it was my left foot I should take out if I'm leaning to the left. It was a tad late by then.

My knee is hurty and sore. However, I'm going to get a decent run in tomorrow after work, so didn't do my hard brick session today, just the bike.

My food intake today has been good, I've been blending fruit into protein shakes and will be having soup tonight.

Tomorrow is the last day of bootcamp. Although, a lot of the things I've been doing, like extra planking and press-ups, I'm going to continue doing, as well as getting back to being able to do the splits.
I saw this, and while I know it will take me more than a fortnight, I will get my splits back!

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