Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Nearly A Third Of The Way To Mordor

A week or so ago, my friend Pam cycled to Mordor and back again.
In other words, she sat on her spin bike and pedalled through 3 very long films.
After that long on the saddle, she would have needed my two best friends.

Today the weather is hideous.
The road is flooded, and the trail is muddy, and I was supposed to run 12 miles.
I got home from work at 12, only to be ambushed by the plumber, and so it was even later by the time he had finished what he was meant to be doing.

Once he was gone I decided to cross-trainer for the amount of time it takes Boromir to get killed killed, and for Aragorn to say they shall not leave Merry and Pippin to their fate. In other words, about 3 hours. However, my legs were threatening to fall off, so as it was, I kept going until Moria (2 hours)
I am quite secure in my masculinity, in that I know weather doesn't usually put me off, but what with the time, and how yesterday's run made my knee play up again, the cross trainer is a lot less impact, but a good substitute. And being on it for so long, is good training for the long, slow activity.
I can feel my body changing, I'm definitely getting new muscle. Or losing fat so that old muscle can be noticed more. There's still a long way to go, and this week I have only lost a pound, but for the past 5 weeks, since really monitoring my weight, I have lost between 1-2 pounds every week.

Tomorrow and Friday I will run early in the morning, and Saturday just a swim, and then next week it will be back to the long runs again, as there won't be another event until the Baker Hughes 10k just the before the marathon, and that's no big deal at all.

And next week I am conducting a experiment to see if  fundies (fun undies) can make a person feel more fun.
A lot of women report feeling more confident and happy in nice underwear, but I want to see if wearing Batman and Spongebob undies will make me feel more superhero/friendly to starfish.


  1. wow well done I felt tired just reading that

    1. Thanks, but Pam is the true hero in this piece. I am a Sam to her Frodo. :)