Saturday, 13 April 2013


Today the limit of my sporting was half an hour on the cross trainer, which was kind of like physio, and some stretching and rollering. My legs feel OK, and some gentle crosstrainering (totally a word) was nice, especially as my daughter was out, so I could sing as badly and as loudly as I wanted.

I also put my tri bars on my bike. They will probably take a bit more adjusting to get them right, and even more time to get used to using the things at all, but shall be interesting when I try them out properly. I really wish I had a turbo so I could have a go without the risk of instantly falling off.

The plan for tomorrow is a 15 mile bike and a 5.5 mile run straight afterwards, wearing my tri suit, to see a) how comfortable it is, and b) if my boobs move, and so if I could get away with no bra on Sunday. Pancake City, population, me, is what I want.

Yes, Sunday. A week tomorrow. First triathlon.

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