Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Stupidly Windy

Running in this wind was very hard work. Dry earth was blowing off the fields, and I spent a lot of the run with my eyes shut, or streaming with tears.

So, five miles, very hard work, at a gentle (slow) 10:20 min miles.

I then drove to the pool, dodging several sheep feed buckets, a 'For Sale' sign, a heron that was trying to navigate the ferocious gusts. I did 750m in 22:42, which is 42 seconds longer than I told them I could swim 750m in. However, it's nearly a minute and  half faster than when I was having a bad day last week, and I wasn't really pushing it today. My cap tried to come off twice so there was some hair fiddling. It's an awesome bright pink cap with a skull and crossbones on, but it needs to be pulled right down to stay on, and then it's tight and gives me a headache.
It was busy, but my half of the pool was filled with sensible people doing lengths, and we were passing each other very closely, but it was fine. There were no unaware selfish old people doing diagonal backstroke.

I have to embalm early tomorrow, so as much as I hate running later in the day, I shall get my 12 mile run done around lunchtime, and that will be my long run out of the way for the week. Next week it's back up to 18, then 20 the following week. And it bloody will be 20 this time!

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