Wednesday, 3 April 2013

6 am

I have decided to shift my body clock.
I do very little in the way of useful stuff in the evening, and I can never train after dinner, so I am going to start getting up very early.

For work I get up at 6.45, if it's a mid-week day off and the kid is at school, 7.15. On total days off when no one has to get up, maybe 8-9am. On long run day, after breakfast, I'm not home until after lunch, and it's hard to get motivated to get other stuff done then.

So I will get up at 6am this week, and this morning saw me out running 10 miles and home well before 9am, which meant I could thaw out in the bath for an hour and still be ready in time to start work at 11am.

The only problem is, my body is crap at that time. It will take me a while to get used to being up and out then. I was sore from yesterday's effort, and found it hard to get going. I knew I'd be slow, so only managed 11 min miles.

However, this will improve.

Next week I shall get up at 5:45.

This means, when I am in the swing of it, 7am would feel like a lay in.

In other news, my car is making a horrible noise. Really frightening 'Do NOT drive me!' noise.
I will have to get the bus to work tomorrow, and that is a right pain. It's booked in to be fixed on Tuesday, so swimming may be awkward, but after that, I will shift my focus onto swimming for a little while.

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