Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Bootcamp - Day 3

Oh my arms!!

Today's project was to swim a mile with a pull buoy. Really make my arms suffer, as it makes them turn over much quicker, as they have to do all the work.
I felt fast, and was very chuffed at 41 mins, which is about 12 minutes faster than without a buoy. I actually doubted my watch for a few moments.

 I then did some lengths without it, trying to keep up the same cadence, and body position in the water. It was hard work, but I felt fast. I need to be able to do that all the time!

I had been thinking about doing my long run today, but my legs are shot, and although I'm working all weekend, I am off Monday, so shall do my 18 then, and the 20 on the following Sunday, before the taper begins.

I then when into Peterhead Morrisons (where everyone smells bad) and bought so much stuff, including four 2 litre bottles of sparking water, and then walked back to the car in full on 'farmers walk' mode, with the same pained expression as the men in the gym.

In other news, I have ordered myself a bespoke motivational wristband and according to the email I got today it has been dispatched! It says something awesome. Hope to be able to photograph it tomorrow.

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