Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Bootcamp - Day 2

I decided not to do my weights and stuff before running. Yesterday had been very hard work, even for just a few miles, I think I was still quite tired from Sunday, oh, which reminds me, here is Kevin's report, it's almost as cheery as mine!

I intended to run ten miles, and felt OK, but I had forgotten my knee support, and it started to twang, so decided on the run to take an 8 miles route. I still have my long run to do later this week, and want to be in good shape for it.

I then came home and had a liquid lunch.
One is a spinach, orange and banana smoothie, the other is a strawberry, banana, almond milk and protein powder shake/smoothie thing.

I drank the green one straight out the jug. I'm not one for creating washing up.

There is a fair amount of actual work I should be doing at home today, but also found a way to fit in watching 300 whilst lifting weights and wearing my Rocky pants.

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