Wednesday, 10 April 2013

I Can't Pee On A Bike!

I've been thinking.
I always need to pee after swimming. Today I thought I'd drink a lot less before swimming to see if it helped, but the water was extra cold, and I ended up with a blinding headache. I did 46 lengths, kids everywhere, and then got out. The first 30 took me 25 mins. I am sooooo gonna be last at Turriff. Although I still hurt from yesterday, as my bike felt particularly hard. I woke up at 5.30 as this body clock thing is working, and lay there till 6.30, immobilised by exhaustion.

So not drinking before swimming is not a good idea.

Having had a look at forums and such, everyone is just saying, pee on the bike.

I honestly don't think I could.

Not only do they say to pee in races, but to practice it in training! That if you are well hydrated it won't smell.
That it's fine. Get used to it.

I just can't be that cavalier about public urination. I would rather fit myself a catheter, except for the fact it would be a tad obvious....

Anyhoo, my new tri suit arrived, and  it's a bit of a squeeze to get it up over my hips, but once on it's great. I had always thought I'd need to wear a bra with it, and with my tri top I would need a bra, but this suit is tight. The internal bra is rather substantial, and totally pancakes me. I look like a boy with big hips. The legs are nice and long, and come just above my knees, and don't cut off my circulation.
This Sunday I will do my brick session, and try running and cycling in it, and see how it is. If I don't have to wear a bra I'll be overjoyed.

I have my car back. It is still making a noise. He didn't have time to properly investigate it, but gave it a drive, and said it's not that bad, worry about it later.
I will however, get it back in there before Edinburgh.
And tomorrow I am on a stupid food hygiene course that is utterly irrelevant to my job but still a requirement. I will go for a little run early in the morning, as Friday will be my long run day.
Aiming for 20.
Going to take two gels with me.


  1. Ewwww!!
    Stop reading whichever forums all the pee fetishists are hanging out on!

  2. Hope the 20 goes without a hitch on Friday - you are really doing well so don't let some twaddle on a forum distract you!

  3. Thank you :)

    It seems everyone is doing it! Chrissie Wellington peed SIX times during one race. SIX! In an interview she said how it stung the wounds on her legs!! :O

  4. A fair few of the women at the club admit peeing whilst on a long run and it's really no big issue. Loads of water the night before and lay off the vit C tablets and tango and no one will even notice. no brown medals though!!! that is a no, no :)