Tuesday, 2 April 2013

I Am A Snot Monster

Oh man, I was up early. 5:30. Which really sucked as the clocks only went back a couple of days ago, so still felt like 4:30.
I had a very bad night's sleep, as although I've been telling myself it's not the case, I do actually have a crappy cold.

Anyway, off to the pool.
Man, it's weeny! There were about 4 other people in there, so we had a lane each, but that was all. When I was leaving a group of older ladies arrived, so glad I got out when I did. I probably only did about half a mile, I forgot to count and was looking at the clock a lot as I didn't want to be late for work.

I had a good look about, familiarising myself with where stuff is. It's very quaint. People don't lock stuff away. if you did that in Peterhead, you'd never see it again. The hairdryer is much better than Peterhead's, and it's a very, very clean pool.

I have been watching videos about turns, and tried this set of drills. I just did the first two today.

I then went to work, which was only three hours, but exhausting. I was on my own, which makes dressing very heavy work. Dead people don't give you any help, at all.

Then I came home, ate some lunch (larger than was a good idea, but I was hungry) and went out for 14 miles on the bike (was supposed to be 15, but I messed the route up). Then I jumped off, and ran 5 miles.

Neither were fast, I was more concerned about if I could do it or not, so 13mph average for the bike, and 9:45 min miles on the run.

I am really rather exhausted now, and trying to install a new wireless router that HATES me.

On the upside, the interesting thing about Turriff Tri is that I saw Kevin after last year's. He'd competed, and I remember thinking, 'Yikes! So way above me. I don't have a bike and my running and swimming are stupidly slow.'
10k was about my limit, and then it took me 1:10.
Now a year later, I have acquired a road bike, ordered a wetsuit, decided to do an iron distance, lost a stone in weight and my 10k time is nearly 10 mins faster. And to be honest, this has all really happened since I got my bike last October, as I spent the summer dating Chevy and eating chips and not doing any training of any real consequence.

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