Monday, 29 April 2013

Yay, And What??

The yay is a surprise package!
My truly lovely friend Anneke is just back from Sea Otter (a big bike festival type thing in California) and she sent me this!!!

Firstly, Tough Chik, yes! Secondly, Loki brand sticker, yes indeedy!! Thirdly, awesome t-shirt, and the bike is made out of phrases like 'I'm faster than your daddy.'

I'm going to put the stickers on my transition box, I already have a Timmy monkey from ThinkGeek and my Batman sticker. Mine will be the coolest box in transition.

The 'what?' is that when I got up I had no intention of entering the ballot for the London marathon next year, but found myself getting caught up with the excitement of all my friends entering, and so I did too. Now I really hope I get in!

Still feeling a bit weird, did half a mile in the pool with the pull buoy in, and then some sets of 50m trying to keep up that same pace. The a school came in, and I've been pushed for time all day so got out then.
I'm hoping to feel a lot better tomorrow and get a long run in. 


  1. I did exactly the same for the VLM ballot! :)

  2. Aw man, imagine if all the gang got in! :D Partaay!