Thursday, 4 April 2013

I Know Who I Am!

Yep, at all times, I know my name, address and DOB.

A policeman friend called Jay was saying on Facebook about how he had been dealing with someone had been picked up, after collapsing while out for a run, and it had reminded him of the importance of carrying ID. It made me think of the remote places I go, and also how easy it would be to be clipped by a passing car, so I got this from a company called Team Sport Bands. Just over £3 delivered, and could easily be attached to a bag or bike, if preferable to the wrist.

I was up at 5.30 in the am this morning, as getting the bus to work means leaving really early, so makes running, even earlier.

3 miles done before a quick shower, and getting the bus involves at least 4 miles of walking a day, so not a bad warm up for tomorrow's 18 miler.
I'm actually quite scared about that. I'm going to run 9 miles in one direction and then turn back, so I will have to cover the distance to get home again. However, the speed I manage to cover it in is anyone's guess.

My wetsuit and tri bars have arrived, I can't wait to get them on the bike this weekend. I'm slightly (very) concerned about losing control of the bike with them on, so don't know how often I'll actually be using them in the beginning. I may just look at the them a lot and use them as a convenient bottle holder.

My wetsuit came with protective white cotton gloves to wear whilst putting it on, rather like a magicians.
It would take a sodding magician to get me into the thing right now.
But I will get there. I have to, I can't afford another wetsuit.


  1. I've worn a RoadID on my wrist for years and never take it off. Even wear it in bed (in case I go for a run in my sleep?). It shows my name, address, DOB, blood group and two contact telephone numbers so the mountain rescue guys know where to send my body. I reckon it's a pretty good idea at coming up 81.
    You sound to have a very dedicated approach to training. Wish I could get up at 5.30!

    1. You're a dedicated example to us all! At coming up 81 you're fitter than a large percentage of 18 year olds! :)