Sunday, 14 April 2013

Cold, Wet, Brick.

So Kevin says 'You should do your session today wearing a wet trisuit, as I will find your misery amusing, bwahahaha.....'
Well, kind of. He possibly didn't phrase it that way. He possibly put forward a case for the usefulness of testing out clothes when they are wet.

So, today I put my tri suit on, and then stood in the shower, got out, put socks over my still wet feet, and then a jacket, and went out to do 15 stupidly windy miles on my bike. Friggin' cold, man! But at least I know it doesn't chafe or ride up when it's wet. And I know how long it takes to dry, and what it feels like.

It was ridiculously hard work, but was a good chance to try out my tri bars. Although, I put my saddle too far forward, and the little food box on top got in the way of my knees, and I couldn't get to my drink easily, but I felt OK using the bars a few times, when the wind was behind me, and not being an evil side wind trying to push me into traffic.
The thing with them is steering. The position felt fine, I like leaning forward, and it's going to be great for my hands, the way they get so numb all the time, I can take the pressure off of them, it's just you only need tiny movements to steer, so will have to work on that. I will have another fiddle with them, then put the foam padding on the rests. They are quite high still, and not as close together as they could be. I'll move them a bit when I'm more confident with them.

Then I put my trainers on, took my jacket off and out a running top on over my tri suit, and went for a 5 mile run. It was hard going, but with minimal boobage-movage. Hurrah!
It was only the day before yesterday that I did 19 miles, so my legs were a little shot to start with, and I couldn't drink much on the bike and didn't take a drink in the run, but did 5 miles.
Both things were slow, effected by my tiredness as well as the stupid wind.
14mph average on the bike, 10:16 min miles on the run.

My hair pissed me off.
I have worked out the perfect triathlon hairstyle, but there are still the little wispy side bits that get in the way, so I have ordered a Nike hairband (hair, not head). It's probably going to look like a bandanna, I've seen lots of women with them, but this one is reversible. It is pink on one side and grey on the other.
I shall use it to reflect my mood.

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