Tuesday, 30 April 2013


I'm trying to work out the balance between getting the training done, and not making my sinuses any worse.
So today I went out to see how far I could go without feeling rough, and at about 8 miles I felt a little odd, and so did 10 by the time I got home, still feeling ok-ish.

As much as finishing a marathon is about being able and used to running long distances, being generally fit is also hugely important, and so I think my cross-training is going to help me. As well as regular running, getting my legs into the running 'zone', and leaving less days between runs, even if it is just short ones.

This week is ALL about the running. I will do 8 miles tomorrow before work, and then 5 each morning the next two days, rest on Saturday and a long run on Sunday. It WILL be 20 miles at least. I will run along the railway for ten miles then turn back, so even if I have to walk a bit at the end, 20 miles will be covered by my legs. Or else.

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