Friday, 1 February 2013

2 PBs and Disappointing Box.

I went to get my transition box today. I wanted to spend about a tenner and get a purple one.
I ended up spending bloody £15 on a clear one.
B&Q have a craptacular selection of boxes, and some were super flimsy. This thing has to survive being thrown about in cars and such. And although it may be a little large for duathlon purposes, there's no point in buying two for when there's more triathlon stuff to deal with, and there were little trays inside, most of which I took out to use to bike bits in the shed thingy. Although I kept one in there on the bottom as it may come in handy for gels and things.
I then spent ages searching for a envelope of flower and butterfly decals I saw when having a clear out, but couldn't find them, which I now realise is a good thing, as it would look like I'd just stolen a toybox off a kid. Then I ordered a big Batman decal off Ebay for £3, which is far more badass.
And I've put Timmy sticker on it.

So this morning, although windy and rainy, was not icy or slippy, so I tried to see how fast I could do 5k, as well as adding a faster section. People seem to do 400m intervals, but I have no idea how far that is, so I just went down to the main road at one point, pushing the pace, which is half a mile. It felt like there was a hand inside my chest pushing me onwards, and I managed that half a mile at 8.50 pace. The whole thing was 29.05, (9.24 min miles) which is 55 seconds faster than my 5k a few weeks ago, so snow helps!

I then went swimming, and did a mile in 50.38, also less than before. I then did an extra 4 lengths, as I plan to increase the distance a little each time. After the mile I had a breather of about 30 seconds, adjusted my goggles, etc, and so the last 4 were lovely. I felt my form was better, and in general, was far less knackered than usual when I came out.
It's still a crapola time for a mile, though.

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