Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Double Sporting!

I have double sported on double days.
Yesterday, after the parcel arrival, I went for a little 3 mile run and 9 mile bike on my sore legs. The bike was a little faster than usual, being shorter, so that was nice.

Today I did my long run, then after a brief oily shower (heating oil is leaking into the hot water, plumber will eventually sort it, until then, I come out smelling like kerosene) went straight to the pool for half a mile of basic swimming, and then some drills.

My legs felt way better coming out than they did going in, which is good as I have to survive parent's evening tonight. The appointment system is rubbish, as they only have about 20 appointments each, and a vast amount of pupils. I will get to meet four teachers, art, geography, technical drawing and business studies.
Big whoop.

Anyhoo, the best thing was, as I am doing a duathlon this weekend and so my long run had to be done earlier, I decided to make it shorter this week, and so did 10 miles at a pace of 10.22.
I am happy about this, as although it was only a small elevation (300-odd foot) I remember quite recently being happy at having that as a 10k pace, so for 10 miles, yes please. It makes me think there will be a time quite soon when I can bash out ten miles in nice round 10 min miles, and then start eating into the 9s.

I think it helped I was sore to start with. I started quite slow and still, and so only lost 22 secs over the rest of the run. And now to get changed and go to parent's evening. Gah.


  1. Progression is a subtle thing at times, and compare you now to you this time last year.... :)

    1. Indeed, it seems to come in fits and starts with me. Nothing for a while then bang! :D