Wednesday, 13 February 2013

12 Windy, Frozen Miles.

Awful weather.
Woke up to the sounds of gales, and looked out at snow landing at an alarming rate.
As I was filling the kettle at the sink I saw a fallen tree being dragged up onto the yard.
Not a great day for my long run, but back to work tomorrow, and no guarantee any other day will be better.

I made a spinach smoovee before I left and put it in the fridge in case I was incapable of making it when I returning, and took two Shot Bloks with me, just in case I felt awful and likely to bonk.

I did two laps of my 10k route, (cutting off a little bit to make it a round 12 miles, instead of 12.4), and on the second lap I saw my footprints had been covered by the snow.

The best part was on top of the highest hill, where it was hard to breathe and see as the wind drove snow into my face, I saw a mountain biker, and we gave each other huge grins and waves, as a recognition of how awesome we both were to be braving the weather.

I knew it wouldn't be fast, it was hard going underfoot and with the wind, and so I concentrated on just making the distance, not letting myself quit, and so only averaged 10.53 miles.
When I got back I wasn't massively pushed cardio-wise, and I think due to the Shot Bloks I was feeling quite sane, but my legs were/are massively fatigued. More foam rollering and screaming tonight, I think.

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