Sunday, 24 February 2013

I Don't Know Whose legs These Are.

Cos they are not mine.
They don't do what I say.
They have a frighteningly warped mind of their own.
I'm walking like a drunk person after a day of rodeo-ing.

It seems one day between longest bike ever and the long run for the week was not enough time to allow my legs to recover. They were twingey and sore when I started, and at 7.5 miles I had some really weird shooting pains in my left knee, and during the last mile literally every muscle in my legs hurt, and I was practically shuffling.

I averaged 11.03 min miles (oh lordy!) although it was 10.45 until the last two miles, then it all began to fell apart. The part of my knee that got bruised when I keeled over on my bike is all lumpy and swollen. During the run I kept thinking strange nonsensical thoughts about hats and why the word 'goody' annoys me.

However, I managed 14 miles. I wanted to give up and go home but I didn't, and my stomach behaved.
As I am racing this weekend my long run will have to be during the week, so not sure how clever I'll be feeling by then. So, I'll repeat the 14 again, as I have time before the marathon to do that, and I'm not going to do a route with nearly 800ft of elevation.

Tomorrow is swimming. I am very glad of that. Very.

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