Monday, 18 February 2013


I just did an hour on my bike before work today, just over 13 miles in glorious frosty sunshine.
My legs were tired after yesterday, although they didn't feel bad, just a bit slow.

Tomorrow I will run and swim.
I'm going to go for another 1.2 mile swim, and a little 5 or so mile run.
And I have some sewing to do, and (for some reason I'm excited about this next bit) large amounts of cleaning.
I have some time off work and am going to make my house shiny.
I bought a load of stuff like sponges and rubber gloves, I'm ready, BRING IT OOOONNNN!!

Selene Yeager has a new book, but it won't be out here until May! BOOOO!!
It's called Get Fast. And that's what it's gonna do. Get me fast. Yeah.

The Turtle sent me a message asking me if I had a nice Valentines day.
There was no way to answer that question without letting myself in for more trouble.
So I replied with some nonsense about monkey shaped aliens.

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