Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Waiting. Bored. Ironing.

Arrrgghhhh. Waiting for a parcel.
The most dismal way to spend a day.
I've even done some ironing.
Twice my door has been knocked on by people who aren't CityLink drivers.
Twice I have ran to the door with massive excitement.
Twice it's been a plumber who is unhappy about the work he has to do.

After it gets here, or when my daughter gets home from school and so can take over parcel duty, whatever happens first, I will go out for a short run of a few miles or so.
I'm conscious of not over-doing things this week, don't want to wreck myself for the weekend and the duathlon, but still need to get my long run in, and plan to get that done tomorrow.
I have a decent amount of time for these things, 12 weeks to Edinburgh still to go.

I have paid my money and my name is on the start list for my first half-iron length triathlon this year.
It felt very final entering, a real 'put up or shut up' moment. I've been talking about it for long enough so time to get on with it. That is 24 weeks away. Eeek.

The other thing is I've been looking at other people's training stats, and it seems people do VAST amounts of swimming. 8 - 12 miles a week seems quite normal for the serious and professional folk, and 3-6 miles a week seems to be about the minimum for everyone else. Most people seem to bike over a 100 miles a week, but running seems to be around 25-35. It seems the marathon bit on the end is not the part people are focusing on.
Plus running being the most destructive physically, it does seem wise to prioritise training time with the other two.

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