Monday, 25 February 2013

Cap-less Jellyfish Swim.

I forgot my swimming cap.
That's indeed a terrible thing, as it means that even with my hair tied back, I am swimming with a jellyfish stuck to my head, and everytime I turn my head to breathe, water cascades into my mouth from it's many tentacles.

So, I abandoned my plans to do a steady long swim, and did half a mile continuously, and then another 40 lengths of drills doing as little breathing as possible. I started out breathing every 5 strokes, and pushed that as far as I could go, which ended up being taking 2 breaths for the whole length.
It was surprisingly fun to be that close to death.

Then I came home and found I had missed a parcel.
I have had to order a new track pump as my cheapie one is terrible with presta valves. It has a little adaptor that is rubbish, and it lets out more air than it puts in.
The one I have bought is also not that expensive, although, the reviews on Wiggle are very good. Apparently it twists onto the valve, so no pushing and pulling that lets the air out.
Anyway, I missed it being delivered, so will have to stay in all day tomorrow.
I will go for a short run before 7.30 am,  and hope it gets delivered early on so I can go out on my bike later, too.
Soon I shall be back at work.....*sigh*

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