Tuesday, 12 February 2013

A Swimsuit. In Public.

I'm scared.
I really want to do the Turriff triathlon at the end of April.
But I'm worried about being in public in a swim suit.
It's fine at the local pool, when I'm in the water and surrounded by chubby old people. And as April is bound to be a bit chilly I would put a jacket on before getting on the bike, it's just the bit before and after the swim, hanging about in a tight trisuit.
This is fitness/weight loss motivation indeed. It's 8 weeks away. In that time I need to be happier with myself.
I can cope with a few wobbly bits if I am fitter and faster, and looking at my current progress, that's not a big problem. But the progress NEEDS to keep up. No stalling. No weight plateauing.

I have tri shorts and tri top. All ludicrously skin tight.
And 9 weeks to go....

These are the shorts (in black) -

And this is the top - 


I went out on my mountain bike this morning.
I was shattered after yesterday. Running after swimming didn't make my legs feel that tired at the time, but I went to bed early last night and slept like a log. I was achey and slow this morning so 12.5 miles before going into work at lunchtime was the best I could do.
I shall foam roller the crap out of myself tonight (not literally) and get everything ready for my long run tomorrow morning, which I will hopefully manage to get in before the forecast snow hits.


  1. Good choice on tri wear!! Totally going 2XU tri shorts myself.. Not thought about a top yet :/ you're doing so well though! I swam Saturday and after yet another fail, I have spent the last 2 days thinking I should give it up.. I need to kick arse like you do!

    1. Hold. The. Phone. No! You have entered a half iron! You can't back out now! You seriously need to to get some swimming lessons. Once you've got it sussed all (or some) of your fear will melt!