Saturday, 16 February 2013


Today is a rest day.
So bloody ready for it, too. Tomorrow I shall run and bike in some dummy duathlon type way. I was given a few extra weeks to train due to the last one being cancelled, so much make the most of that reprieve.

Anyhoo, I've been thinking about how this Iron business is a lot like death.
Sometimes you have to stop and attempt to grasp the enormity of it. Really allow yourself to not just think, but know you will not be here forever, you will leave, it's an unknown but inevitable move, the pondering of which should make you appreciate life more, and maybe make out a will and get some life insurance. But then stop think about it or plummet into depression.

After my 30 mile bike yesterday the thought crossed my mind that I was in no fit state to run anywhere. And that's just after 30 miles, let alone the half at 56 or the full at 112. I grasped the full horror of that, but like with death, it doesn't do to grasp it for too long. it becomes counter productive.

I will let the fear motivate me when it comes to training, but not when it comes to my motivation to try.

So then, after the full enormity of the task had hit me, I thought
'Meh, I'll be fine. May take a while but I'll finish.' and then I shout 'For Sparta!!' and a few other things (in my head, not out loud). And the 'A day may come when the courage of men fails....but it is not this day' speech from Lord Of The Rings, as I am an Iron Nerd, too.
And that helps.


  1. Those feelings are very familiar after my bike ride today - was a struggle to get through the last few miles, and there's a good bit further to go in June (and a long way further in July!) before I get to the run... That's why we do the training, though - to get our bodies used to riding a bike/running/swimming/whatever, so that it will be able to do the job in style on the day.

    1. I can see myself doing the job, but what kind of style I'll manage it in remains to be seen.....hopefully entertaining, at least! ;)

  2. I guess that I always think of this sort of challenge as the direct opposite of death. When my friends do these types of challenges, they are so *alive* with excitement. You'll probably be having more fun with this when the weather gets warmer. Good luck on your training. :D

    :-) Marion

    1. Hi Marion, I agree, it makes me feel very alive to do these things! The comparison with death is about fully absorbing the enormity of an idea, and how that can be a huge prospect to fit into my brain, rather than comparing it to the feeling of dying ;)