Sunday, 10 February 2013


I got up this morning to this-

The wind was howling, the snow was beginning to lay, but still no word of a cancellation.

So I got my stuff together and drove to Guinness Boy's house.
We loaded up the bikes on the rack and were on our way when my phone buzzed, and it was Kevin telling me it had been cancelled, so we turned around. Guinness Boy was most upset as he'd curtailed his booze last night (only 4 pints) to be ready.

For some reason I suggested we go for a bike ride anyway, as the snow wasn't settling over his way.
It was hellish.
The second hardest bike ride of my life.
The wind was bitter and FIERCE, and as I didn't know the area, every hill was a horrible surprise. And I've never known a route where you are either going up or downhill, with no flat-ish bits at all.

My feet were so cold and numb when we got back, I wasn't entirely sure if I was walking or not. And as I was only planning on the duathlon distance bike ride I didn't wear bike tights, so it was 20 freezing hilly miles with my butt directly on the saddle. Oddly enough it wasn't that bad. My road bike saddle is definitely better than my mtb one. It's smaller but more technically shaped.

I sat in Guinness Boy's bathroom, shivering, trying to find the energy to change my clothes, and I can say I've touched warmer feet on a corpse. When I came out he had made made me some strong black tea and done me some toast and margarine, and there was a banana on the plate next to it.
I have never been so happy to see warm food in my whole life.

After defrosting fully I came home, had the farmer/landlord catch me and tell me he was going to knock a wall in the front of my house next week so that I can get hot water and heating from the farm (£100 extra a month, but dammit, my house will be boiling! No more heat rationing!!) which means mess, coldness, possible times of no heat or hot water, and men traipsing through. This had better not impact my super training plans.

Tomorrow I will swim. I'll have to go early as the schools are off, and there's bound to be kids there. *shudder*

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