Monday, 4 February 2013

I Look Like A Tinky Chav When I Go Swimming.

I do.
Saw myself in the mirror on the way out this morning. Big anorak as it was sleety-snowing, woolly hat over hair I see no point in doing if I'm off to the pool, no make-up (ditto reason) and trackie bottoms with a splash of mud up one leg.
Although I go swimming in Peterhead, a town where most people are wearing elasticated waists and could do with a bath, so it's not like I stick out there.

I did a mile in 50.20, which is the fastest time yet, although, I did pause the time briefly to get water out of my goggles. I also realised I turn too much when I breathe, meaning my underneath arm is crossing over my body in a kind of useless way, so the last part of the swim was about concentrating on just getting my mouth out of the water, and not 'checking out the weather' as some bloke on Youtube said.
I then did 6 extra lengths after a brief rest. I'm trying to swim 6 times a month, so if I add an extra 2 each time, in just under 3 months I'll be routinely doing a mile and half each time, and hopefully as I get faster, I can keep it all within the hour.

And I spent an hour in the afternoon stretching and rollering, and did the 20 min core dvd. Tomorrow is my long run, which will be 11 miles, and I'll chuck in some reasonable hills, as the first half marathon of the year is a hilly one.

 I know I need to get some long bike rides in, the farthest I've been is 42 miles off road. But I need to do it on road, and get it up to 50 miles. The problem is if something breaks, and I'm 25 miles from home, in bike shoes, which are a nightmare to walk in. I would actually be better off walking in my socks. So I'm thinking of finding a shorter loop and repeating it. Boring as it would be, at least I won't get stranded anywhere.

And I bought tissues for my transition box, as opposed to just stuffing my pocket with loo roll.
I seem to get snotty when I stop moving, and I will never, ever do that snow blowing thing that people do.

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