Tuesday, 19 February 2013


The plan was to swim intervals and run.
When I was at the pool I knew time was slipping away from me, so I did a long swim there, and the run will be done tomorrow.

So, 2km in roughly 1:07. I didn't take my watch, but next time I will time myself, as I really want to get it below the hour.

The best thing was I was struggling to start with, but after 40 lengths I felt great. I think I could have done 100, but stopped at 80 due to time. My focus was on making sure my catch is strong when I'm breathing.
I suspect I have been concentrating more on getting air in my desperate lungs, and my hand has just been just wafting under the water like a lettuce on a stick at the time.

Tomorrow was going to just be a bike day, but now it will be a run day, too.
A substantial brick session is in order. 

Now a substantial doing nothing session is in order, I'm exhausted. Very long day.

Another message from the Turtle.
Still wants to come and do my plugs.....gah.....

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