Saturday, 2 February 2013

Aaaand Again...

2 mins 51 secs off my 10k time today. A nice improvement in 16 days.
I went out after getting home from work, and did decide to push myself, but luckily, didn't feel as pukey as yesterday. However, as it wasn't that long after lunch, I was occasionally concerned food may exit in an unpleasant fashion, but it was ok.

Not including dodgy training times using measured out roads on Map My Run, my first 10k race was also my fastest, in 2011 it was a couple of seconds over the hour. I was over a stone lighter then, and I really think I can makes some bounds, especially when thinner. I'm sure weight is coming off now, but weighing myself regularly depresses me. However, today I wore a running top that a few weeks ago I couldn't zip up, but now I can. But I won't be wearing it much as it also appears to cause a bizarre boob-sweat stain.

I think there's three things that have caused this progress-

1) Having a Garmin. Just using a stopwatch is all well and good, but often I wouldn't speed up until too late in the run, as I am often loathe to push myself. The Garmin is frightening, encouraging, motivating, and helps me plan and measure better.

2) Entering races with proper sporty people. I am scared of them. They are not like the ladies in pink with make-up sliding down their faces, and those who walk most of a 5k. I don't want to be last. And more than that, I want to do well. And do well at big things like marathons and triathlons, things I feel I have no business entering.

3) I am eating better. I am still having too much sugar (but less than before), but although I thought wheat would be really hard to cut down on, it's going quite well. I used to have bread every lunchtime, and sometimes a roll with dinner if it was soup, or dumplings if it was stew. I am making things like that with wheat-free flour, and having oatcakes every lunch time, and routinely buy wheat-free pasta. It's just the odd roll now or toasted muffin now, so I'm having about 25% of the wheat I was, and I'm being more careful with remembering to take supplements such as iron and b-vits, and having protein shakes. And I am an oat eating machine.

Tomorrow is the bike. Not sure if I will bike to work or do it when I get home. Largely depends on the weather tomorrow morning, and how much of a wuss I'm feeling.


  1. Doing sooooo well, Lucy!! You have the swimming sorted! the runs are getting longer! and faster! and you have a good base of bike miles in you. And that has been done over a rather crappy winter! I'm fully expecting not to get past the swim :) but if I do and come dead last.. fuck it.. I will be a happy boy :)

    1. Thank you :) But I don't have the swimming sorted just yet, and don't say you don't expect to make it past the swim! Of course you will! You'll be grand!