Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Getting Faster.

Too tired to move.
I have sat down to have something to eat in the middle of cleaning my bedroom, the last room in the house to be done, and now I don't want to get back up. A trip to the tip awaits tomorrow, then I'm pretty much done.

However, I am happy about my sporting today.
I did 5 miles in 48.08. My goal had been to get less than 10 min miles, and at 9.38, I did by a good chunk, and I wasn't pushing as hard as I could.
Then I cycled 11 miles, the goal of which was to stay at a consistent 15mph. But it's really quite windy and 14.3 was my average speed.

When I got home I realised if I had continued my 5 mile run at that pace for another 1.2 miles, I would have managed a very speedy (for me) 10k. Just around the hour mark. So that is my goal for next week, to do a sub 1hr 10k.

Tomorrow I will be swimming and running again, and then a long bike on Friday if the weather is good.
My plan for Saturday is exciting me. I intend to have a proper rest day of doing nothing.
Actually nothing.
Sofa, duvet, a giant book on kings and queens, and films.
I haven't done nothing for a whole day since the last time I was properly ill (and not just a cold), which is a good 6 years or so.
It's gonna be great.
Then I'll go for a long run on Sunday, 14 miles. Seems a bit daunting....

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