Thursday, 14 February 2013

Zero Tolerance

I was tired when I woke up, yesterday's run took it out of me, but the plan today was for the longest swim in a very long time (2km, longer than the half Iron distance) and I was happy to do that as I knew I wouldn't be fast today, so going slow and long seemed like a good plan.

First I had to embalm. That was an odd journey. At one point I was driving along in a snow tunnel, the ploughed snow either side of the road was far higher than the car. Work was hard and freezing by my new stainless steel table had arrived so I was happy. I then headed off to the pool, shovelling oatakes in my mouth as I drove.
The led to swimming indigestion, and I discovered what it is to both burp and cough underwater.

The swim was slow, labourious, and I couldn't wait for the 80 lengths of the 25m pool to be over.
I wanted to quit after 32, as I saw I was being slow, and I'd been fighting cramp on and off, and there was an annoying family taking up the shallow end with tiny children that would have been better off in the kid's pool.

However, I have now instilled a 'zero tolerance for wussiness' program in myself.

Like with the snowy gale force run of yesterday, there will be no quitting.
No option to let myself off the hook if I don't feel like doing my training.
It will take injury or serious disruption to make me switch days or cut a run, swim or bike short.
This will be like being in the army.
Except I have nicer shoes and no weapons.

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