Saturday, 23 February 2013

Doing Nothing

A wonderful day of doing nothing (in a warm house, the oil man came last night, I was overjoyed to find a slip in the porch when I let the cat in)

A bit of foam rollering and stretching, a bath, and admiring the rather pretty green and purple bruise on my knee from yesterday, all while watching all five X-Men films. And that was about it.

The present arrived that my brother send from Disneyland. It must have cost a fortune to send, weighs a ton!

Tomorrow is long run day. I'm eating very well today in the hope it helps.
And I need to continue to up my training, and doing more than one thing on each day.

Starting next week I will do more than one activity a day for at least half of the sessions, and there's a duathlon at the weekend I'm doing.
Must multisport.
Or else.
Much getting up early will be involved.

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