Sunday, 17 February 2013

Gimme Hills!

I woke up at 6am  is as per usual, but then went back to sleep until 9. 9 o'clock in the AM!
It was everything I had dreamed it would be.
The plan was to do a little bike and a little run, but the weather was mild, I'd had a great night's sleep, and I thought a nice long run would be good. Especially as I ate too much yesterday.

The half marathon I am doing at the end of March is a bit hilly, so I thought I'd do my hilly route twice, which is just under 13 miles. I was slow, and I ran out of water at 8 miles (seems I drink less in the snow) but 10.57 min miles for lots of hills didn't upset me too much, and of course, I ended up doing a little 0.1 to make it HM distance.
My knees were a bit sore and I'm walking like John Wayne right now, but when I got home I looked up the elevation for Garioch and it's 423ft, and I did 741ft today, so extra chuffed.
And my stomach behaved, except for being a little crampy when running downhill, but nothing alarming.

I am starting work at 12 tomorrow so will get an hour's biking in before I go, and then I plan to do a fast running interval session, a long bike, and a duathlon practise during the week, and a long run of 14 miles next weekend.

My mileage is beginning to get a bit more respectable.

This week has been -

Running - 32.9 miles

Biking - 43.1

Swimming - 1.9 miles


  1. Bloody awesome mileage!! I keep saying this, but I really do mean it!! Doing so brilliantly! mega impressed!

    1. Thank you Neil, now get off the internet and go swimming ;)