Monday, 11 February 2013

Children And The Elderly!

I'll give them a seat on the bus, but dammit, get out my swimming pool.

It opened at 8.30, so I decided to go at 9.30, when the first lot of people would be leaving, but still a bit early for teenagers.
So many old people.
And within half an hour of my arrival, so many children.

However, the kids go back on Thursday, so I shall return then.
I did ten lengths to warm up, then the fastest half a mile yet (24.04) then I did ten lengths of breathing every 5, as opposed to every 3. That was hard work and I did it slowly, although when I timed myself I was only 2 seconds slower per length, so less breathing must equal better swimming, even if it is done more slowly.

I then went home, did a massive amount of cleaning and tidying in preparation for when workmen come in and mess it up again, had a quick lunch (smooovie of the day, blueberry and banana), and went for a run.

The run was too soon, and it was 7.8 miles of indigestion and feeling awful, but I was a couple of seconds quicker per mile than the last time I did that distance (and I hadn't been swimming previously), so could be worse.

My goggles drove me mad in the pool, always letting in water, in the end I had to make them so tight they were welded to my head, so I went to the shops and bought some new pinky/purpley ones. Ooh, nice.

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