Friday, 8 February 2013

I Fell Over (again, but indoors this time)

So the alarm goes off at 5.15 am, and after a very bad night where I was in a lot of head pain but too tired to work out why, I fell over on the way to the bathroom.
This tipped me off that the toothache I was feeling was a sinus infection.

So I took a massive does of vitamin C and some painkillers and went back to bed for two hours.
I was a lot more human when I woke again, and went to work. I will do an hour of cross trainer tonight, as that's harder to fall off, and I won't get all cold and rained/hailed on. I will still do this duathlon on Sunday (if it's not cancelled) as I am stupidly macho.

I do a four week shift rotation and this is the worst and busiest week, so this will also be the easier week where I dial the training down a little. I feel better for cross trainer and rest days.

There is snow forecast for the weekend. It's just not bloody fair!!
I NEED SPRING!! I need light mornings and to not hear wind and rain lashing at the window the minute I wake up.

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