Thursday, 7 February 2013

Yeah! *Fist Pump*

Tomorrow I will get up at 5.15am and run 5 miles before work.  I have filled my mp3 player with Linkin Park in preparation.
Then on Saturday I will get my bike ready and go for a ride. It's supposed to be this duathlon on Sunday and it's yet to be cancelled, although if it is icy, it will be. I need to be prepared either way.

Today has turned out to be a rest day. My legs are sore. I hobble like an old person.
That hilly route really is a bastard. I've worked out if I do it twice, it's 13 miles.
If the duathlon is cancelled, I will do that bastard 13 miles on Sunday.
If it's not, I will get it done next week.

I have a few days off coming up so gonna BLAST the training.
Will go swimming a few times in one week, and get a 40 mile bike ride in.

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