Sunday, 3 February 2013

Multisport! Multisport!

In my head that word is always shouted in an excited fashion by a little latin man with a sombrero on.

So I decided either an arduous bike to work, or a duathlon practise.
Wind and rain lashing at the window at 6am meant I picked duathlon later on in the day.

Plus, as there is this race this weekend, I can't do my long run then, so will have to fit it in in the week, making this the ideal day for a trial run.

Soooo, I had intended to press 'lap' on the Garmin so I would know how long each part took, but then halfway through the run I realised I had gone further than intended, and was still 0.3 of a mile away from the house, so I just stopped the time at 2.4 miles, and started it again for the 8.6 mile bike (which again, due to my miscalculations, was 9 miles, but I stopped it at 8.6), and stopped and started it again for the last 2.4 run.

The whole thing took 1:25:48. Now looking at average transition times, some people do it in as little as 18 seconds, (maybe they don't change their shoes?) and one took over 2 minutes (maybe his shoes got stuck on, and he felt like a cup of tea?) so adding 1.30 minutes for each transition adds 3 minutes onto my overall time, making it 1:28:48. The wind was horrible. Hills I usually go up find required getting into the little ring and were a real struggle. Due to the extra bike effort, the last run was very tough, the first half mile especially.

Looking at the easiest to find old results, that would put me second to last. However, Kevin found other results and the slowest one was 1 hour 38 minutes, nearly 10 minutes less than me.
Boy, I hope that person is there, and that they've not improved. And that it's not super windy.

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