Saturday, 9 February 2013



Lots of them.

I am having another mini detox. I have just under two weeks until my birthday, and my present to myself will be at least half a stone off. I have only weighed weighed myself since the beginning of the year, when the last detox removed Christmas. The other time I felt I should have lost more than I did, and it disheartened me, so decided to leave it a little while in the hope of seeing a bigger loss. My clothes are definitely looser, so stuff is happening, but then my muscles are also definitely bigger.

So these are the smoothies I have had today. I intend to live off these, porridge and soups/various rice dishes for the next 10 days or so.

Spinach, orange and banana with protein powder (fabby new glasses! £1 each in Tesco!!) -

Raspberry and banana -

And below is my packed transition box, complete with Batman sticker. Tomorrow is my first attempt at MULTISPORT!! I'm a bit worried about being the last person in and out of transition. I hope the marshalls are good and I can see where everyone else has gone, and not get lost.

Today I took it easy, and did a five mile bike and a 2.5 mile run, just to keep things ticking over. I then cleaned my bike, oiled it, tried to pump up the tyres but it's so hard to get the nozzle off I ended up taking out more air than I put in.
I have to be at Guinness Boy's house for 9.20. Apparently he has emptied out his recycling box and is going to use that. It's not that I'm snobby, but I just would never do that. Seems like no fun at all.
He works offshore and not short of money at all, he could buy a super-cool box. But no. Just empty out the tins and he's good to go. I may take some pics tomorrow, but as he doesn't know this place exists, they won't be of him, a that seems a bit mean. I'll take pics of his box, though.

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