Friday, 15 February 2013

Swish Handlebars

The weather today was (drumroll) not shitty!
My plan was for a long road bike ride. My longest ride ever has been 42 miles off road, which involved half an hour sitting on a log, eating crips and sandwiches. My work commute is 32 miles, but has a hefty 8 hour rest halfway though, so I thought I'd try 30 miles non-stop on the road, just with water.
It was great for 20 miles, but the last 10 were hard work, and mainly uphill.

When I'm on the flat I feel I could cycle forever, but then there's a big hill and I feel utterly drained.

Then I came home and used the rest of my afternoon off to re-wrap my handlebars. I needed to be alone in the house without distractions. It's one of those jobs that I know will get better every time I do it. I overlapped too much to start with, but it looks passable. I'll leave it a little while before I re-do them.

They were disgusting. I had once put my chain back on and although I'd taken my gloves off, I still managed to get them all black and greasy.

 Look! Yukky!!

Nice!! (if not slightly uneven)

And I'm kind of chuffed with my saddle. I felt a bit sore today while riding, and also my lower back felt tight, but overall, with minimally padded tights, it was fine. I'm certainly not in pain now, or Sudocremed up to the eyeballs.

Looking at it closely, it appears very little of me is on the saddle (quite impressive for someone with a butt as big as mine) as there's mud on it, splashed up from the road, as you can see by the little dent where the logo is.)

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