Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Captain No-Boobs

That's what they'll call me.
I'm beginning to be able to fit back into my old bras. Which in a way is good, but also bad.
It's also not fair. When men lose weight certain objects appear due to the change in proportion, not start to bloody shrink.

Anyway, soon after I got up it started to snow like no ones business.
It was also my long run day, but I have gone past the feeling of fighting laziness, and straight into a gnawing feeling inside if I don't get to train.
I gingerly picked my way down to the road over the ice, and the immediately slipped up and landed on my arse.
So I went back inside and started sewing, planning to run a lunchtime when it should have melted a bit.
However, it kept snowing, so then I decided this could be the best it gets, and went out and did my 11 miles. It was only 1 second faster per mile (10:44) than my 10 miles last week, however, it was hugely slippy underfoot, and a few times I did that sliding along on one heel thing. I also picked the hilliest route possible. It's quite evil in that it goes on forever, and there isn't a nice downhill. It's long, and winds up, and then when it reaches it's highest point, the downhill bit is off road, and involves dodging big rocks and frozen tractor tyre ruts.
My first half marathon this year is a hilly one, so this needs to be done.

The good news is snow training is good for me, and I felt OK when I got home, no clinging to wheelie bin and trying to catch my breath, and my stomach behaved. Before leaving I had a hot chocolate made with rice milk and a Cadbury's Chocolate Creme. The hope was that no only would my body feel better, but my mind would be clearer too. Which worked, and was lucky, as I got a call to go and embalm when I got home. A quick bath and roller and I was fine to go off to work. Once upon a time a long run meant barely moving off the sofa for the rest of the day.
My lower back/piriformis situation was quite good, too. I taped it up last night with Rocktape (applying tape to you own butt is not easy). 


  1. Rocktape?! Pseudo-scientific nonsense. Might as well wave some healing crystals and pray to the great spaghetti monster!

    1. Firstly, I will try anything, epseically when it's free. Secondly, I am very interested in this spaghetti monster you speak of, and would like a pamphlet/literature about him.

    2. Ask and ye shall receive:


    3. OMG it's REAL!!! Awesomes :)

  2. Well done Lucy, it takes a special kind of fitness animal to get out in cruddy weather!