Thursday, 21 February 2013

Last Day Of Being 36

This mug is me.
I love Bourbons. I love tea. It was an early birthday present from Lucy, along with some pretty socks and chocolate.

What I don't love is I have run out of heating oil.
And it's Friday tomorrow, so chances are it will be Tuesday at least before any arrives.
Until then I will be filling the bath with kettles. I have a couple of electric fires so the lack of heat doesn't bother me, it's the lack of hot water I hate. No one wants to come home from a long run to scrub themselves down with a saucepan of tepid water.

I went swimming today, after finishing up the spring cleaning and sewing orders, so I was tired before I got in, there, and it was very busy. I did half a mile continuously, and then 5x50m of breathing every 5 strokes, and only having around 20 secs recovery between each 50m.

I then went to the tip, did a load of recycling and went to the supermarket and came home ready to run, but after a mile I felt cold and weird and my legs were sore from yesterday. So, I came home for a hot bath.
Which I had.
Then I noticed the radiator was cold when I came out....poo.

I have a new year feeling, and am glad I am up to date with my work and the house is clean all in time for my birthday.
Tomorrow I will go for a really long bike ride, and as much as it would be more interesting to map out a long route going somewhere interesting, I'm a bit nervous about straying too far from home in case anything breaks, so will do a decent size loop a couple of times, so if something happens, the farthest I'll need to walk in bike shoes is 10 miles or so. Let's just hope that doesn't happen!


  1. Happy birthday Lucy! You're going to freakin' awesome in your 37th year.

    :-) Marion