Thursday, 31 January 2013


That's the sound of foam rollering.
I'm LOVING it.
Today was a rest day, so I had a little early morning walk in the woods for the fun of it, did the 20 min core section of Turbo Fire, and the stretching and rollering section of P90X, and some hip exercises that I hope will work. Doing less running and more stretching doesn't seem to make much of a difference, my hips like to hurt, so strengthening them seems the next logical step. 

I've also been looking at the Cleveland Double Steelman.They are saying it's a one off, but if it's popular, maybe there would be another one in 2014.
£85 is such good value for a full iron distance triathlon.
I'd do it simply because it is a bargain.

I have the dentist first thing tomorrow. If he doesn't hurt me, I'll go running then swimming.
If he hurts me, I'll go home and curl up in a little ball and cry.


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    1. And Tony Horton is the bestest, I love the way his voice goes funny and he makes noises while rollering, the same as everyone else!