Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Muddy Running

I did my 5 miles at a pace of 10.39 min miles. Slightly slower than the four I did two days ago, but also quicker than the four I did three days ago. It was pouring with rain, and very muddy, it's been raining for 24 hours so everywhere was boggy. I still felt quite snotty. I'll be glad when I can breathe normally again.
Tomorrow I will bike 15 miles before  I start work at lunchtime.

I'm thinking I need to start doing more than one thing a day. I've done a plan for the next month, but I'm only going to post my activity and maybe a summary at the end of each week, as things often get in the way I have to juggle stuff.
I'm also waiting for my first pair of road shoes to arrive. I am muchly excited about this. There is a hill nearby that has a small road up it, and so as soon as my shoes arrive I shall try some hill sessions, like what proper runners do.

And sadly, it seems Aberfeldy middle distance triathlon doesn't do finishers medals.
It was going to be my biggest event this year, my first half iron, but there will be very little proof I was there. The cheap gits.


  1. Be careful not to overtrain - it will wreck your natural immunity and make you more prone to colds/sniffles etc.
    Have you had a gait-analysis done (where you run on a treadmill in different shoes and they film your footstrike)? If not, I would definitely get that done. I now have an AMAZING pair of running shoes - best ever.

    1. Hi Amanda, I have had it done, I'm luckily very average so just wear neutral shoes :)