Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Don't They Know How Important This Is??

I had my plan all sorted in my head.
I would do 10 lengths to warm up, then a fast half a mile, then sets of intervals and drills.
I dug my car out.
I drove there very slowly.
And the lady at the desk in the leisure centre said they'd just had to shut the pool. Sorry. Come back tomorrow.
Well, I can't come back tomorrow, I'm working all day.

So I went for a run. It was exceptionally hard work. In places I got some speed up, where the snow was packed down on the road, but through the drifts, it's was like running in treacle.
At one point a snow plough went past me, and I turned my back but still got sprayed with slush and snow.
The plan was not to look at the Garmin too much, just to make sure I did the distance, but as it was, I did 5 miles at 10.45 min miles. That may be a 20 secs a mile slower than last week, but considering the terrain, and the fact I was doing 10.45 - 11 min miles in good conditions in December, it's not too bad really.
Although I was so tired. And so hot, I thought I'd puke.

Jay posted this link to a protein recipe site on Facebook today and it's the best, it has a vegan section and everything! I have to try these cakes!! I will also have to try and get hold of coconut flour....

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