Friday, 25 January 2013

Ythan Challenge!

Entries for this 10k obstacle course, which is in June, opened at 12 noon today.
I was at work, and sat by the slow, annoying council computer that runs on some ancient version of Internet Explorer, with the entry page open. 12 noon struck, the 'Open soon' button did not change, so I refreshed the page, and there then followed 40 minutes of a page that timed out before it managed to load.
I then got a call and had to leave that office and go to another one.
My phone beeped as I was driving, someone I know had managed to get in.
I immediately fired up yet another slow, rubbish PC, and managed to get the page to load.
I then managed to enter my details and pay, hurrah!!! I will be muddy!!

And luckily I got a commission payment this morning which covered the entry fee, so no one needs to punch me for spending. It was meant to be.

Apparently it's going to rain all weekend, so there'll be floods, but hopefully the snow will bugger off. I went out and did 2 miles at 6 am in a dark snow shower this morning, as I didn't have much time, but tomorrow will be my long run, so I wanted to get my legs moving after my rest day.

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