Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Cup Of Tea, Anyone?

These are a few of the teas I am drinking at the moment, Lucy brought me three more boxes yesterday, too. It's been a few days now without black tea, so I have been downing the herbal stuff like there's no tomorrow, as a substitute. I have lemon and hot water when I get up in the morning, but it's after something like a trip to the supermarket that I want normal black tea. But the urge is diminishing. I will have it again, just not during this de-tox.

I was spurred on today by someone at work. I do like embalming Asian people, nine times out of ten, they have good quality vessels. I think it's the lack of sugar and general junk in their diets, and they also don't smell bed, and they decay slowly. He was a little Chinese old man, and he was a walk in the park compared to all the tubby people I have to embalm. Eat clean and leave a clean corpse, amen.

I also made some little biscuits. They are in cup cake cases as I wasn't sure if they would spread. They are made from rice flour, dairy-free margarine, organic cocoa, agave nectar and flaked almonds.

They need some tweaking, but the cocoa/almond combination is a good one.

I didn't get out and run, but did do my 15 mins of yoga, and went on my cross trainer for half an hour. I will be out from early till late tomorrow, but even if I have to go out with my head torch on, I need to run.
My plan for this week is to get back into the swing of things. I'll cycle to work one day, and get at least 4 runs in, even if they are short. Next week will be more about structured training.

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