Thursday, 10 January 2013

Lazy Post Alert

I am just home from work now, it's nearly 10pm, and I have no sporting to report as it's a rest day.
So, I just took lots of pics today. Mainly bad ones.
I have three different council desks in three different buildings. I work on the corner of the country, so go to villages both on the north coast and eat coast, which I find fascinating. I also find the pictures on the walls of sheltered housing schemes, erm, interesting. Then I went off to an industrial estate in the the middle of nowhere and embalmed a body so big it had to be moved by fork lift.
And that was my day. And that is not my book in one of the pictures. It's one I had to dig out for the library service, and prise out the hands of a tenant who'd had it forever.


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    1. LOL! I think that's the least of the mouse's problems...;)